Casual Cosmetics

Makeup lessons are so important for your every day makeup routine! We not only welcome you to get your makeup done for all your special events, we also want you to feel comfortable and confident doing your makeup on your own for your every day needs! We understand you can’t come to us on a daily basis and we want to educate you on how to use what is in your bag and make sure you’re making the most out of every product. You can come in to see us and start fresh, or you can come in with all your makeup that you have currently and we’ll help you learn how to use what you already¬† have while incorporating new products or new brushes! This will help educate you on which tools/brushes to use with which product and will make your makeup routine feel easy and less intimidating!

“Kristina is the first vendor I had to reach out to once I confirmed the venue because she is the absolute best and makeup is one of my top priorities.”
-Megan Lennon

“All the credit goes to my cousin the incredible makeup artist Kristina Ruggerio.”
-Suzann Arms


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